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Darkwood - Book 1

In the far future, technology is known as magic. That magic preserves a tenuous peace between two countries in the hands of its seemingly immortal inventor, the Sovereign.


Will Darkwood knows nothing about that. Will lives a simple life by a lake, spending most of his days dreaming of what things are like beyond the far-off mountains.  One morning, Will opens a strange letter with no return address.  Inside is the source of the Sovereign’s ancient power.  

The next thing Will knows, he’s on the run from an infamous assassin.  He manifests dangerous abilities he can't control. He’s a threat to everyone around him.


Will is the last move in a thousand-year chess game between the Sovereign and her ancient enemy.  And the only way to set things right may lie with the brutal killer on his trail.

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Elysia spirits readers to vivid, otherworldly landscapes. It introduces them to brilliant, colorful people. It builds a future world where an unbelievable technology of the ancient past has become magic. It weaves a plot of redemption and hope, of personal growth and friendship—of love, hubris, time travel, and chess. 

No barrier is too great to overcome, a dedicated group of people with faith in the future can change things, and even in the darkest times a light can be found.  

Crystal spires crowned by lush mid-air parks and waterfalls. 


A merchant metropolis of quartz domes on the surface of the ocean. 


A pirate den suspended over a rocky ravine. 

A desert oasis full of life and greenery. 


A dawnlight paradise with a dark secret… and an airship with gleaming sails, filled with pirates and a corgi mascot!  

Image by Silas Baisch
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